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The Bold and the Beautiful

Ashley Morgan

The Bold


I have found that every woman I have the privilege of interacting with is her own shining example of a truly powerful woman. Many women I talk to can't deny that are times when we not only want our jewelry to bolster us during our tribulations, but to reflect the magnitude of our triumphs. I think of these days as the Bold–the days when I adorn myself in layers of necklaces, put on my favorite earrings, and wear a statement ring for good measure. I’m arming myself to do battle with whatever the day may bring, making sure that my exterior appearance reflects my interior.

The Beautiful


In an age where life seems to pass us by in flurries of meetings and highly dictated schedules, it is critical to embrace the days where one can move through the world with a quiet, understated grace. On such days, we adorn ourselves in minimalistic jewelry and enter the world with subtle, everyday elegance. Perhaps I’ll only wear a simple eternity band as I hike, or a pair of minimal stud earrings as I play with my girls. I think of these days as the Beautiful–the days where my shine is not diminished by a lack of jewelry, it’s simply recalibrated to fit the needs of my day.

The Perfect Engagement Ring

Ashley Morgan

Finding the perfect engagement ring is a truly wonderful experience. This is the ring that will represent your relationship and the true love that you and your partner share. Creating a custom engagement ring with Ashley Morgan is as effortless as it is exciting! Ashley will meet with you personally to get to know you as a couple, and during this meeting she'll design a ring that reflects both you and your lifestyle. Choosing metal color, accent stones, and your center stone is all made as easy as possible: a visit to Ashley's studio will provide you with the chance to choose from the selection of stones she's procured with your specific ring in mind. From there the details are all in Ashley's capable hands, and the pieces that are brought to life represent the commitment of a lifetime. 

Lovely Luxe Layers

Ashley Morgan

Layering rings is truly one of my favorite ways to style my jewelry. There are countless ways to wear your rings together, and each combination is a reflection of your own sense of personal style. When I'm asked for stackable ring styling tips, my answer is always the same–play with your options! Mix and match your metals, and do the same with your stones. Throw on a cocktail ring to draw the eye, and sprinkle in some dainty diamond bands for glittering impact. Your style should be a playful interaction between your mood and your jewelry box, and with layered beauties like the rings showcased below,  it's easy to effortlessly change your style from maximalistic to minimalistic. 


Wearing a statement ring with some daintier bands is a gorgeous way to layer your rings. 


Building a stackable suite means growing your personal collection of rings; these rings can be worn all at once, or a few at a time. 


Adding stackable bands to you wedding set can be a lovely way to play with the style of a ring you wear nearly every day. Perhaps you'd like to create a set of tiara rings to fit your engagement ring perfectly, or simply add classic diamond eternity bands. Either way, the sparkle will be undeniable!